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Why do the quotes for custom silicone products vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer?

Why do the quotes for custom silicone products vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer?


Silicone products are widely used in various fields such as daily necessities, electronic industry, medical industry and industry because of their excellent performance such as high temperature resistance, non-toxic and non-hazardous.


As a businessman, when customizing silicone products, you will usually deal with different manufacturers, in addition to looking for manufacturers that meet the appropriate qualifications, the price is always a problem.


  Businesses usually want to get better quality products at a lower price, but manufacturers need costs to produce, so there is no absolute good price, only a relatively high cost performance. Many times we see low-cost products, usually at the expense of product quality. So to get a relatively higher balance between price and quality, we need to understand what are the considerations for manufacturers' quotes when we customize silicone products.


1, the size of the mold, the number of cavities, large mold sample mold price


  2, silicone products using the rubber, such as gross weight, single material price


  3、Product processing costs, such as the manufacturer's start-up costs, labor costs


  4、Demolition of the edge, which includes the cost of labor, production capacity and raw edge rate


  5, quality inspection, such as labor costs, defective products, production capacity


  6、Packaging material labor cost, transportation cost.


  The manufacturer's quotation is calculated by multiplying all the above by the defective rate. From the above factors to be considered in the quotation, the price quoted by the manufacturer is mainly the mold cost, proofing cost, material cost and labor cost.


Therefore, when we customize silicone products, we should not only look at the price, but also consider various factors, such as what we need, and a manufacturer's quotation is higher, where is higher, which manufacturer's quotation is lower, in which aspects of the cost savings, etc.


In short, a penny for every penny.

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